26 Aug We’ve Got Gear Storage: SoCal Naval Base

When a Southern California Naval Base needed a solution for securely housing their Junior Enlisted OCIE/ TA-50 gear they turned to our team of Design Build storage experts to create a military storage system.

Wire mesh is often a perfect material for military storage as it deters the build up of dust, provides a clear view of the gear inside and maintains security. Security was of the utmost importance on this project because, as with most military units, it was required that the Junior Enlisted keep all of their OCIE/ TA-50 gear on site to avoid loss.

This particular solution maximized the use of existing space with a High Density Mobile Storage System outfitted with 2-tier woven, wire mesh cages. Each cage belongs to an  officer and is individually secured. 


Additionally, this high density storage system sits on top of a diamond plated sub floor which can support heavy duty materials. The diamond plating is an excellent alternative to tile flooring which can easily become unglued and peel up in high traffic areas.

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We’re standing by to help design the most efficient military & weapons storage system you can trust.

Please keep in mind that we offer GSA pricing on many of our military storage systems including lockers, weapons racks, optics storage, armory storage, and warehouse solutions.

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