Storeganizer slim fit storage pockets


Optimizing your storage costs per square foot and maximizing picking efficiency can be a constant challenge. Racking works well for high-volume, fast movers. But what about smaller, rarely-ordered inventory items like spare parts or rare books?

This is where the Storeganizer by McMurray Stern comes to the rescue. This innovative, high-density storage system provides a slim fit for all your small, slow movers.



Based on a concept of vertically stacked, multi-row high quality pockets, Storeganizer limits the costs per square foot. It’s designed to accommodate small items in columns of suspended, easy-to-access vertical pockets, made of flexible, durable coated textile. Although lightweight themselves, these columns can support up to 250 pounds, with a 10-year warranty.

Advantages of Storeganizer slim fit pockets

  • 26% gain in order picking efficiency
  • Easily installs to existing rack
  • Custom size pockets for maximum density
  • Picker travel time reduced by 42%
  • 10-year warranty
Expert Service


Measuring and installing a Storeganizer solution at your facility can be done at short notice, including on-site customization. Our experts measure the area and the products to be stored using a unique software program. Based on these measurements, pockets are tailor-made, perfectly optimized to the available space and the type of products the configuration will contain.

``Rarely do you achieve a ‘win-win’ with new products. In this case, there are no disadvantages. These columns increase efficiency; eliminate the need for expensive rack upgrades, site expansion or offsite leases; improve tidiness; reduce staff stress and impress corporate leadership. We only wish we had discovered this earlier.`` - Todd Bayless, Material Services Team Lead at Rittal
Can I recover wasted space?


The simple answer is: yes.

The Storeganizer by McMurray Stern is the easy, economical solution to quickly recover wasted space in your existing racking. Call us today for a free site visit.

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