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To schedule an emergency repair or service of your equipment

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A comprehensive on-going preventative maintenance plan is the best way to ensure prolonged, dependable performance of your equipment investment.  Contact our service department for a quote specific to your system at 800-499-6919 or email



Are you moving to a new office? Just, remodeling your work space? Let us save you the cost of purchasing new equipment. We are the experts in reconfiguring and relocating your storage system.

And, if you decide to remove your storage system we can do so with minimal down time and without damaging your facility. Call us now for a quote 800-499-6919 or email

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custom file conversion labels


Whether you are converting top tab files to a new, space-efficient color coded end tab filing system, merging files from multiple locations into one central location, moving your filing system, or converting your records to digital image, we can help. Call us now for a quote 800-499-6919 or email

Product Highlights
  • Avoid conversion errors
  • Minimize disruption to your staff
  • Project managed, monitored, & audited
  • 24/7, 365 availability if needed


From the initial survey to the transportation and final upload of your files to the new location, our experienced file move and project management team will help to minimize business disruption during your transition.If moving into a new space entails the implementation of new file equipment, we’ll coordinate the installation of that equipment with the file move, so that everything goes smoothly.

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File Inventory and File Purge


Let our records management staff help you with your file room project needs! Our goal is to provide you with fast access to critical documents for increased productivity and significant cost efficiencies. Call us now for a quote 800-499-6919 or email

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