07 Dec Rotor Clip improves 5s initiatives in manufacturing plant with Vertical Storage

Rotor Clip has been in the retaining ring and hose clamp manufacturing business since 1957. Today they have operations all around the world including their primary space in Somerset, NJ in a 238,000 sq. ft. facility.

As Rotor Clip expanded their operations over the years they ran into space challenges. They found themselves storing high value tooling and equipment in cabinets all over the manufacturing floor.

Rotor Clip had two problems with their previous storage system:

1.Not enough room to store items on the floor           2. Security of high value tools

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``I would worry about this very expensive tooling being taken or stolen... Modula allowed us to both protect our inventory and also to be able to find it very quickly without taking up valuable factory space.`` -Jonathan Slass, Co-President Rotor Clip

Ultimately, Rotor Clip transformed their facility into an automated space where operators and management were able to safely and quickly track and retrieve tooling and products.

Check out the video below to visualize how much space our Vertical Storage Systems can save your company. 

Our vertical automated storage and retrieval systems can quickly increase your bottom line by reclaiming valuable floor space and making room for revenue generating activities. Isn’t it time for your company to grow and maximize capabilities?

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