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Military installations, police departments, and emergency response teams are responsible for handling and storing hundreds of weapons, accessories, and ammunition. With weapons storage solutions from Spacesaver, you don’t have to sacrifice space, flexibility, or accessibility to store weapons securely. Whether you need a deployable weapons rack that can move from garrison to the field, sally port gun lockers, or something in between, we have a weapons storage system that can be configured to your exact needs.

Universal Weapons Rack (UWR)


Designed with operational readiness in mind, the Universal Weapons Rack is versatile and flexible to accommodate a variety of handguns, rifles, sidearms, and accessories in one secure solution. Adjustable brackets and shelves easily hold weapons of various lengths and types, and perforated doors and sides streamline weapons inventory assessments. Many optics and accessories can remain assembled while being stored, minimizing risk of lost items and allowing for fast mobilization. The UWR completely prevents weapons from movement, vibration, shock and abrasion and can be tilted 90 degrees in any direction without weapons becoming dislodged.

Offering the same features and security as the UWR, the UWRmini is easier to carry and fits compactly inside storage containers for ease of transport.

Wall and Floor Mounted Gun Lockers


In sally ports, common areas, and other areas where temporary handgun storage is needed, weapons must be accessible but highly secure. Secure wall- or floor-mounted weapons lockers with neoprene-lined shelves eliminate noise and weapon damage to offer maximum safety for temporary weapons storage. Choose from handgun only storage or a combination of handgun and long gun storage, and select from multiple locking options for convenience and security.

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Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System (UEWSS)


Mobilize your armory with the Universal Expeditionary™ Weapons Storage System, the easiest way to store and ship military weapons in a TriCON. Designed in tandem with the US Navy, the UEWSS is a Type 1 TriCON container that is capable of storing, shipping, and supporting modern small arms and crew-served weapons, repair parts and collateral gear with reconfigurable brackets, shelving, boxes, and vents to accommodate multiple weapon types. Heavy duty steel and straps ensure maximum security during shipment, while the configuration allows storage of larger equipment in the middle of the container.

Secure Gun Box
Portable Weapons Storage


The perfect option for transporting personal handguns or confiscated weapons, the Portable Gun Safe delivers maximum strength in a lightweight, ergonomic design. Three sizes and cushioned interiors guard against damage and movement during transportation, and a unique push-button lock ensures security. Use an optional retainer to attach the safe to a vehicle or wall.



Created specifically for demanding military environments, WeaponWRX modular weapons storage system combines a rugged modular steel frame with a variety of accessories configured to fit your needs. Choose from bins, brackets, and shelves to accommodate rifles, handguns, tasers, shotguns, and more that allow you to store weapons with optics and accessories attached. Units can be bolted together, attached to walls, or freestanding for added flexibility.

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High-Density Weapons Storage


WeaponWRX components, UWRs, and standard Weapon Racks can be mounted onto high-density mobile storage systems to create up to double the storage space. High density systems not only utilize empty aisles, but also allow full accessibility and allow for aisles restriction and tracking for an extra layer of security.

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