Unit and Supply Storage

Unit and Supply Storage Keeps Your Base Running Efficiently


Military installations are responsible for storing a massive amount of supplies, gear, uniforms, equipment, and more, both use both for on-base and during deployment. Keeping track of all that gear is a challenge – but keeping it secure, undamaged, and easily accessible can be even more difficult. From heavy duty shelving for heavy and bulky items to streamlined solutions for files and records, smart unit and supply storage ensures that all items are organized and accounted for, leaving personnel with more time to focus on training and equipping your unit.

Day use lockers in admin office
We provide storage solutions for:
  • Parachute and Survival Kit Equipment
  • Tools, Repair parts, Bench stock
  • Medical Supplies
  • Field Manuals, maintenance record logs, personnel files, equipment logs, vehicle preventative maintenance, checks & services
  • Vehicle radios
  • Floor plans, blue prints, construction plans & drawings
  • Nuclear, biologic and chemical protective equipment, protective masks and suits.
  • Flight crew gear
  • Vehicle pioneer equipment
  • Personal issue equipment, TA-50
Inventory, Inspection, and Issuing Made Simple


Whether you’re working to improve the efficiency of your current unit and supply storage, or accommodating more gear due to BRAC,  High-Density Mobile Storage systems give you twice the capacity of conventional storage in the same amount of space without sacrificing any accessibility. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of all commands. Carousels and Vertical Lifts offer a unique solution with maximum security to easily store and retrieve paper files, documents, blueprints, repair parts and tools, weapons, and gear using an automated keypad recall system.


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