Supplies to manage records and document based information.


The efficiency with which an organization performs its core business functions is dependent on the organization’s ability to access information in their filing system.  McMurray Stern offers supplies to help businesses organize their filing systems and file folders so that they can find the correct file folder when they need it.

McMurray Stern provides color coded filing supplies and end tab filing equipment that work in harmony with one another to make retrieval and refiling documents easy and accurate.  By applying our systematic color coded filing methods, you will be able to efficiently organize and manage your files to increase personnel productivity and save valuable floor space.



The Association of Records Managers and Administrators [ARMA] has long reported that the retrieval, misplacement and tracking of files have all been linked to significant operational expense. Implement a color-coded records management system, and reduce file retrieval times by 40-65%! 

The traditional method of manually applying individual color bands to the end tab of a file is both tedious and costly. With an On-Demand Label Print System from McMurray Stern, you can dramatically improve this process by printing and applying a single strip label with data imported from your computer. Call us for an in person demo 800.499.6919

Product Highlights
  • Improves filing efficiency by 50%
  • Virtually eliminates misfiles
  • Reduces filing & retrieval time
  • Works with unlimited label designs
File Folders, Labels and Records Management Supplies


McMurray Stern can help you keep your filing system organized. We offer a full range of filing system supplies including standard and custom end-tab folders, file backs, file pockets, Oblique compartments, pressboard folders and indexes.

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Product Highlights
  • Custom folders available
  • Variety of stock weights & colors
  • Imprint with your logo or information
  • Competitive price & lead times
custom file folders labels supplies
barcode file tracking mcmurray stern
RFID & Barcode Tracking System


Today’s organizations must manage their information in an accountable manner, ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness of records.

Our ‘quick-build’ record keeping file tracking system is an integrated document management system for managing your business records.

Make sure the right information is in the right hands. Our record keeping software gives you complete control over all documents used throughout your organization, both paper and electronic.

Easy enough to use in a single department, yet powerful enough to roll out to your entire organization, our file tracking system helps you manage your information wisely, securely and efficiently.

Product Highlights
  • Improves access to information
  • Secures sensitive business records
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Streamline manual processes

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