Modular Security & Dispatch Consoles provide the mission-critical technical environment to address your current requirements while creating a path for the future.

Our systems can grow from the smallest single open-system to a large multiple-station command center. Factory-assembled modules guarantee structural integrity and ease of on-site installation with minimal downtime. With the unique modular design McMurray Stern offers, you can grow your requirements as your requirements evolve.

Get the right computer dispatch console, data center or network operations center systems console for your space, and your function. Whether you are a NOC, security, police, 911 dispatch center, or command center, our wide selection of command console furniture means that you will get the perfect configuration for your site.

Standard features include CPU storage compartment, rack mount accommodations, internal cable management, slatwall and removable access panels.

Fixed Height Console


Desience Modular Consoles are designed and manufactured with heavy-duty steel construction for unmatched durability to withstand the rigors of mission-critical environments. The modularity of the Desience frame allows for unlimited configuration possibilities, easy expansion and effortless reconfiguration. Desience Modular Consoles allow for technology integration with dedicated cable management channels which keeps equipment cables well organized and permits clean efficient routing within the console frame.

We offer a full service approach from project inception through completion. Our project management, service and logistics and customer service are what our customers sincerely appreciate in addition to the high quality design and manufacture of our consoles. We pride ourselves on our positive customer referrals. Our mission is that every console project we install is a showplace.

Sit-Stand Console


Desience Dispatch Consoles are designed with a modular base structure of heavy duty steel construction for unmatched durability to withstand the rigors of 24/7 dispatch environments. They have an assortment of features that were designed with user comfort in mind. The console’s adjustable work surface has two Linak DL2 Lifting Columns which provide a 20″ range of height adjustment and have a lifting capacity of 750 lbs. A forced-air heater is located below the Lower Center Module and provides forced air heat for leg and foot warming.

All Desience Dispatch work stations come equipped with one level of slatwall that backs the entire work surface. The slatwall provides a strong mounting point for monitors and accessories which keeps the work surface clear and uncluttered. Cables and wires are hidden away behind the slatwall and can be easily accessed from the front or rear.

Flat panel fully articulating monitor arms can be mounted anywhere on the slatwall that best suits the users requirements. Each monitor arm can hold from 7 lbs to 35 lbs.  Arms for two high monitor applications are also available.

Product Highlights
  • Heavy duty lifting columns
  • Forced air heater
  • Auto safety shut-off technology
  • Quick connect power/data outlets

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