Museum Storage Cabinets

Museum Storage Cabinets, Nurse Supply Cabinets, and So Much More.


A cabinet can be far more than a cabinet. Depending on your market, it can mean so much more.  For a museum it can mean a way to preserve, conserve and protect artifacts, specimens, and more. For a healthcare facility, it can mean immediate access to frequently used supplies used to treat patients.

In partnership with Spacesaver, we have designed museum storage cabinets with curators in mind and engineered nurse servers with healthcare practitioners in mind.  Each product is designed and implemented in an organized way to hold the items, supplies, artifacts, and everything in between that is paramount to your business.

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Museum Storage Cabinets


Preserving and protecting artifacts is the name of the game when considering archival and museum storage. Spacesaver’s museum storage cabinets are approved and proven for both application uses, with solvent-free non-reactive baked polyester powder coating. These museum cabinets provide artifacts and other items full protection within a controlled storage environment that maintains a constant level of humidity and temperature.

  • Flat file drawers in widths as wide as 120” and 60” deep— widths and depths can be increased if necessary
  • Pullout drawers with gliding telescopic-ball-bearing extensions for viewing documents without having to touch tem
  • Removable trays to securely transport items for further examination and research
  • Double-hinge doors for easy access Cabinets can be combined with high-density mobile storage for maximum capacity

Nurse Supply Cabinet


In the healthcare industry, we know that every second of the day counts and that productivity and efficiency are the key to a successful shift. In collaboration with Spacesaver, we designed a convenient and secure storage cabinet system that houses frequently used supplies just steps from a patient’s bedside.

CoreSTOR nurse server, or nurse supply cabinet provides easy access to the most frequently used supplies. The cabinet stretches from inside a patients room to the outside— creating a very smooth stocking operation and minimizing patient disturbances.



McMurray Stern offers a wide selection of museum cabinets and workstations designed for demanding industrial environments.

We offer solutions for any application, which are designed to organize and optimize existing workspace. Whether your company is in the industrial, electronic, pharmaceutical, or computer sector, we offer solutions that evolve and adapt to specific storage problems and challenges. These cabinets are often used in machine shops, assembly lines, parts stores, maintenance departments and other demanding environments.

A variety of drawer accessories are available such as partitions, dividers, plastic bins and protective foams to organize and protect your stored materials.

A McMurray Stern Design Consultant can assist you in selecting the appropriate cabinet or workstation for your application.

Product Highlights:
  • 400 pound drawer capacity
  • Variety of drawer interior options
  • 10 drawer heights available
  • Stationary or mobile cabinets
Fire Resistant Cabinet


McMurray Stern offers a wide selection of fire-resistant storage cabinets from Schwab Corporation. The Schwab product line is built to meet or exceed industry requirements for fire protection of vital records.

Available in both vertical and lateral styles, these files will give you peace of mind – knowing your paper records or electronic media are protected against fire, impact, explosion and water.

Product Highlights:
  • High security lock
  • UL class 350 fire rating
  • Explosion tested
  • 30′ impact rating

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