Military Pharmacy Storage

Improve your military pharmacy storage with color-coded bins


The best military pharmacy storage solution is the one that provides optimal storage capacity, easy access, and great visibility. Military bases and VA Hospitals need to have efficient pharmacy shelving storage in order to maintain the growing demands of the industry. Color-coded modular bin shelving is engineered with accuracy, productivity, and flexibility in mind.



FrameWRX systems are comprised of a basic frame, a unique rail system, and a host of components such as bins and shelves that hang on a horizontal rail. Bin storage was engineered to maximize the amount of standard-sized plastic bins that can hang on a rail. Rails can easily be adjusted by hand onsite to accommodate horizontal or sloped storage.

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FrameWRX High-Density


When space is at a premium and supplies are increasing at a face pace, FrameWRX can be transformed to a high-density option. This option essentially compresses two rows of storage into one deeper space— saving an aisle. High-density modular bin shelving increases visibility and accessibility while allowing you to store more items in your existing storage footprint.

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Modular Bin Shelving on Wheels


Mirroring the flexibility, visibility, and configurability of standard modular bin shelving, we have engineered a solution that makes it even more accessible— wherever you go. WRX Wheels transport cart enables you to keep your most frequently used supplies with you at all times.

Traditional carts offer limited, fixed dimensions with minimal configurations, which makes it hard to find the right solution. WRX Wheels transport cart is designed with you in mind and can be reconfigured as your needs change.

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McMurray Stern

McMurray Stern