Protecting your chain of custody has a direct impact on your police department’s ability to maintain a safe and fair community. Preserving and tracking evidence in the correct way contributes to rightfully convicting criminals, limiting department liabilities and gaining community support and confidence. Needless to say, the right secure evidence storage equipment is indispensable for your department.

From temporary to long-term, evidence inventory needs a proper home – which is why we offer solutions that will have a positive impact on your department. For short-term evidence storage we offer highly secure evidence storage lockers by Spacesaver. And for items that need to be housed long-term, our high-density mobile systems will greatly compact your current property and evidence room


Evidence lockers are a convenient way to store short-term evidence inventory in a safe and secure manner. Our lockers feature non-pass-thru or pass-thru options to offer optimal security and flexibility.

Pass- Thru Lockers

  • Built directly into the wall
  • Allow evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved on the other
  • Full-size rear door for evidence technician
  • Optional front-lock-out systems available
DSM Evidence Lockers-36

Non-Pass-Thru Lockers

  • Mount easily against a wall
  • Evidence is deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors
  • Items can only be removed by authorized personnel
  • Can be converted into a pass-thru configuration at a later date

Both options offer secure evidence storage and are equipped with Spacesaver’s Keyless Locking System, which provides a no-keys-required unattended evidence deposit, push-button, keyless locks on all doors, and multi-point locking systems on all doors.
For departments looking to increase traceability of evidence storage through computer tracking and monitoring, we offer ControLoc, an add-on feature to our evidence lockers.

ControLoc Technology

  • On-demand activity report generation
  • Automatic door locking when not being accessed
  • Remote monitoring of multiple locations from a central location
  • Windows-based software and on-site setup/training
  • Choice of card access or numeric control pad options


Biological evidence storage has its own set of preservation standards and to aid, our refrigerated evidence lockers are engineered to maintain a constant temperature of 38 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a digital alarm to warn of inconsistencies in temperature.  The refrigerated components are available in an array of sizes and can be integrated into pass-thru or non-pass-thru evidence lockers.



On average only 1% of evidence makes it to court, but what happens to the other 99% of the items? The inventory needs to be stored in an organized and secure way in the event it is needed for a future case or trial.  Our high-density mobile systems accommodate double the amount of storage in the same space, while offering an extremely secure and safe method to store your long-term evidence items.

Standard Mobile Storage

Our standard powered system is an ideal application for evidence inventory at any department.

Skokie Evidence Storage-18-Edit

Low-Profile Mobile Storage

If your department is looking to relocate or expand your facility, but funding is still a few years away, low-profile mobile systems offer the same space savings as the standard, but can integrate easily into both your current facility and new building.

Heavy-duty Mobile Storage

Evidence comes in all shapes and sizes. For heavier items, like couches or bumpers, ActivRAC high-density mobile systems are the best option. By utilizing this system, bulky inventory can stop taking up floor space in your evidence room.


Archival Mobile Storage

Do increased statutes of limitations have your evidence room storage maxed out? XTend High-Bay Archival Storage systems give you the option to maximize every inch of your evidence room by storing boxes from floor to ceiling. Great for off-site evidence warehouse facilities as well.

Maintaining a solid chain of custody means rethinking your evidence storage


Download our Evidence Locker Brochure to learn more about your options

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McMurray Stern