Personal Storage Lockers

Personal storage lockers are specifically designed with public safety personnel in mind and are built to be durable and highly customizable. We understand that storage needs change, so our lockers recognize and satisfy the existing and future needs of any public safety agency.

Law enforcement, public safety, and military personnel have no shortage of gear that they use throughout the course of a shift, and each item has a secure spot by their side. When these individuals return from the field, it’s equally essential to have a place to store uniforms, gear, personal weapons, radios, and more. Spacesaver’s Freestyle Personal Storage Lockers let each individual configure their space to fit his or her needs.

Designed With Your Department Employees in Mind

Freestyle Personal Storage Lockers begin with a flexible range of sizes and options, and are available with an external access drawer or bench drawer; single or double, plain or diamond-perforated doors; and a broad range of options to securely store equipment, uniforms, weapons, electronics, and even separately locked sections for personal items.

Features Include

  • A range of sizes and configurations, including three standard heights, five standard widths
  • Strong, durable doors, constructed from 8-gauge double wall steel with welded box construction
  • Divider kit to customize your locker into compartments
  • Optional electrical integration to make sure radios, phones, and other electrical equipment are always charged and ready for use
  • HVAC integration to promote air circulation and quick drying of items
  • Integrated peg board holes for hanging duty belts or clothing
  • Durable powder-coat paint finish in numerous standard colors
  • 9.5” or 13” deep hardwood butcher-block bench on bench drawer units, also available as a retractable bench for especially small locker room footprints
  • 200 lb. capacity bench and external access drawers
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