Keyless locking systems take away traditional frustrations.


BeCode Keyless Locker Systems are created to overcome the frustrations associated with traditional locks, the BeCode range is keyless and cable-free. As well as code operated locks, our range includes locks that are compatible with the main RFID systems, which can be retrofitted to upgrade your existing furniture.


The sleek aesthetically designed BeCode EVO, BeCode AIR and BeCode PAD, together with the BeCode TANmode software, provide the perfect locking solution for all storage requirements, from personal office lockers to secure medical cabinets.



Electronic locking systems for furniture and lockers that work entirely without keys, power cables or transponders. Based on a ‘free-spinning’ setting, the locks can be turned left or right at random without activating the locking procedure. To activate, simply enter the numbers and symbols for the individual code by rotating and pressing the knob.

Single or multiple users: Based on your specific requirements, with the option of six operating modes to generate and manage codes for permanent or multiple users.

Retrofit: With an adaptor, the BeCode EVO can be inserted into an existing cylinder lock, making it compatible with all major rear located locking mechanisms. The ‘+’ in BeCode EVO+ refers to the additional integrated cam that fits almost any standard lock cut-out. There is no other electronic code lock that can be retrofitted as easily as BeCode EVO, making it the perfect choice for upgrading your existing furniture from ‘Key to Keyless’.



Opening a lock has never been easier with BeCode Air and BeCode Air+ the principle of keyless access remains but its operation has been simplified even further. The design uses common building security systems such as an RFID access card to release the blocked locking system. Simply hold an existing transponder in front of the BeCode AIR or BeCode AIR+ lock, then turn the lock 90° to open, and the same in reverse to close.

 Technology simplified: By linking to your building security access cards, AIR& AIR+ provide a fully individual system to grant access to various personnel or a number of different user groups. Admin cards are used to provide authorizations, or change, expand or cancel authorizations without any difficulty.

AIR black front



When it comes to intuitive operation and simple administration BeCode PAD is unbeatable; it is vandal proof, virtually maintenance free and purposely designed for the most rugged environments. BeCode PAD is simple to use, all it requires is a digital code – there is no key, no power cables and no transponder. BeCode PAD is pre-programmed based on your specific requirements, with the option of six operating modes to generate and manage codes for permanent or multiple users.

Perfect for robust environments: BeCode PAD’s durability, exceptionally long service life and simple operation make it ideal for schools, universities, train stations, airports, and parcel collection points. The efficient energy system allows BeCode PAD to be operated for up to 20 years without changing the battery. Fitting flush to furniture, BeCode PAD also has no edges or corners to offer vandals ‘attack zones’.

BeCode PAD and BeCode TANmode: For more complex large-scale cabinet and locker projects BeCode PAD can be used with BeCode TANmode management software for efficient code administration.

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