Locker Storage

Locker storage goes beyond just serving middle and high school students – far beyond.

For public safety entities, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies, lockers mean so much more than just a storage unit. It can mean a safe haven for officers, or an easily accessed gear storage place for military bases, or a way to protect and maintain your chain of custody in any department. It can even mean a secure place to drop off packages.

We have teamed up with Spacesaver and other industry leaders in locker storage, to provide secure, deployable, customized lockers for all industries in need. Take a look below to see how lockers can provide streamlined storage for unique needs. How much do lockers cost, anyway? Click here to send us a few details and we’ll reply back with pricing information. 

Temporary Evidence storage in Pass-thru storage system


Protecting a solid chain of custody is a predominant responsibility at any public safety facility. With Spacesaver’s evidence lockers, tracking every vital step of the evidence tracking process is possible.

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Skokie Gear Bag Lockers-13


Having a place to store gear, equipment, and more that can be deployed quickly is necessary for emergency units at police departments and military bases. Spacesaver’s TA-50 gear lockers provide secure, durable, and accessible storage space.

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Law enforcement lockers for uniform storage


Police officers have demanding and crucial jobs storing their personal items while in the field shouldn’t be a nuisance.  Spacesaver’s Freestyle personal storage lockers create a “home away from home” environment and offer unlimited storage configurations customized to your officers’ needs.

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Duo-tone steel door lockers with combination locks


The way people work and learn is evolving and along with it, the way they interact with the spaces that surround them. Day use lockers provide a unique storage solution that combines durability and aesthetics to create a unique locker wall, partition or workspace. 

Product Highlights
  • All lockers available in 12″, 15″ or 18″ width
  • Secure lockers with your choice of electronic, combo or hasp locks
  • Doors can be powder-coated steel in your choice of color or laminate finish


APX was invented to remedy logistical inefficiencies in the distribution and receipt of deliverable assets across your enterprise. As last mile delivery becomes increasingly more challenging and package deliveries continue to grow, the logistics and costs associated with ensuring effective and efficient parcel delivery will be compounded. Today, management of last mile package delivery in the office environment can become a major workflow issue. Our mission is to solve these issues by streamlining and automating parcel distribution through APX Lockers.

Product Highlights
  • 100% Accountable Delivery Cycle
  • Automated Recipient Notification Upon Package Arrival
  • 24/7 Accessibility “On Demand” for User Convenience
  • Eliminates Missed Deliveries and Re-Delivery Attempts
  • Rapid ROI through Labor Savings
Day use lockers in admin office


Solidly built to deliver years and years of trouble-free service, these top-of-the-line lockers satisfy a wide variety of requirements – including applications in scholastic, athletic and industrial facilities. Integrated frame construction adds strength and rigidity for longer life. M.I.G. welded 16-gauge steel bodies with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel doors, 18-gauge reinforcing panels welded to inside door facings, and durable, recessed, zinc alloy handles with snag-free nickel plated finish include padlock attachment (padlocks not included).

Product Highlights
  • Optional key or combination lock
  • Diamond or mini-louver perforations
  • Available up to six tiers
  • Full length piano hinges


BeCode lock systems are keyless & cable-free, where innovation, high quality design & impeccable engineering is the key to their success. Created to overcome the frustrations associated with traditional locks, BeCode is the sophisticated, easy-to-operate and secure locking solution for single or multiple users. Click Here to learn more about BeCode Keyless Lock Systems.

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How much do lockers cost?


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