Hospital Bed Storage

Introducing the Hospital Bed Lift, McMurray Stern’s answer to the perfect hospital bed storage solution.


Revolutionary to the medical and hospital industry, the Hospital Bed Lift is a cost effective way to store and access spare hospital beds including beds requiring maintenance or cleaning. Ideal for hospital and other medical fields, this innovative hospital bed storage solution takes beds off the floor and stacks them securely in a vertical arrangement. The Hospital Bed Lift not only saves valuable floor space but also removes potential fire hazards from the hospital corridors and adds valuable seconds back into patient care.

Inspired by a customer wanting to know if the same vertical storage technology he had seen in other storage products, such as a recreation vehicle lift, could be applied to hospital beds, the concept is based on LIFO picking. LIFO picking is a term used to describe how the beds are stored: the first bed is positioned onto the lift and raised opening up space underneath the bed for the next unit. The entire operation can easily be accomplished by one individual simply by pushing a button.

Product Highlights
  • Space Saving: the perfect solution for maximizing valuable floor space
  • Small Footprint: compatible with most locations
  • Reliable For Daily Use: low maintenance requirements
  • Push-of-a-Button Operation: can be operated by a single individual
  • SAFE: hospital bed storage is now secured without worry
  • LIFO picking: last-in/first-out configuration, great asset management

With the use of Hospital Bed Lift, customers can increase hospital bed storage and efficiency while maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Are hospital beds cluttering your halls? 

Our hospital bed lift storage system quickly lifts and stores the beds that cause clutter and chaos in your facility. Call us now to schedule a free site visit, we’ll walk your facility and determine where a bed lift can easily be installed.

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