Commercial Metal Shelving

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Commercial metal shelving units are easy to install, adjust, and expand to fit the needs of today and the evolving needs of the future. Teaming up with Spacesaver to design a variety of commercial metal shelving systems options, depending on the type, weight, and bulk of the items you are storing. We have a solution to work with your space. Take a look at how our commercial metal shelving options can handle your heavy-duty storage needs.

Cantilever Shelving


Due to its visually appealing design and durability, this shelving is ideal for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries, as well as general office spaces. Cantilever shelving offers a comprehensive range of options and storage accessories to meet your specific needs, including accommodations for an array of media formats, articles, books, newspapers, and more.

Though the shelving is typically for libraries, we have seen it applied to industrial warehouses, museums, public safety facilities, and more. With the Modular EZ Rail element you can further transform this commercial metal shelving system into a holder for industry standard plastic bins, pegboard, slat-rail, and slat-wall accessories.

4-Post or Case-Type Shelving


Very attractive and versatile, commercial metal shelving offers adaptable shelves, is cost-effective, and can store literally anything. With the ability to be universally slotted, 4-post and case-type shelving are set apart from ordinary metal shelving by permitting the use of file dividers, bin dividers, and divider rods. Our universal metal shelves allow stacking boxes, organizing files, and storing other materials all at the same time.

Door and Drawer Add-Ons

These add-ons give you flexibility to select any component today with the ability to change, add to, or reconfigure later.


  • Full-length recessed handle
  • Fits all Spacesaver 4-Post and Case Type Shelving
  • Magnetic door catch
  • 2-point lock secures both the top and bottom of the door
  • Door fits against the face of the shelving and adds only 1” (25mm) to the overall unit depth

Wide-Span Shelving


Rugged and versatile, Spacesaver’s wide span shelving, also called RaptorRAC storage systems, provides a platform for storing a wide-range of bulky and heavy items. It comes in a variety of standard and configured sizes, which make it possible to build a custom metal shelving system for the needs of your space.


  • Horizontal “Z” beam design provides strength and durability to support heavy loads
  • 3 beam options: low-profile, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy duty
  • 5 decking options: solid steel decking, ribbed steel decking, particle board decking, flat wire decking, and waterfall wire decking
  • No tools necessary for adjustment, assembly, or disassembly
  • Wide variety of standard and configured sizes

Wire Shelving


Wire shelving by Spacesaver is the ideal commercial metal shelving option for sterile environments. Extremely easy to assemble, with no tools required. Finishes are available in Chrome Plus (SH) – ideal for high visibility and dry storage areas or Duro-Seal (PW) – ideal for high humidity storage applications such as walk-in coolers and freezers.


  • Swivel casters with lock brakes
  • Donut bumpers to prevent damage to walls
  • Panel backs and end screens
  • Solid galvanized shelves


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