The biggest challenge facing libraries today is how to reconcile increasing demands on resources with shrinking budgets.


Stopping the loss of books is one way to meet that challenge. With library costs rising on every front, protecting your collection has become more important than ever.

Our library book detection systems offer state-of-the-art protection for library materials by providing superior security coverage. These systems are also completely safe for all magnetic medias. Because these systems protect library assets directly, there is no need for locking cases. Designed to fit a variety of floor plans and decors, our book detection systems offer an array of mounting options with the opportunity to add additional security features.

Today’s Self Check System is faster, more efficient and easier to use than ever. In addition, the system is fully upgradeable to digital identification technology. No need to postpone installing new capabilities today, since an upgrade will enable today’s equipment to be prepared for tomorrow’s implementation of Digital ID Collection Management.



3M Library Detection Systems help ensure that materials don’t leave your library unless properly checked out. Safe for magnetic media and available in a range of one to four corridors , our systems feature reliable electromagnetic security. For more than 35 years, 3M systems have been successfully protecting library collections all over the world.

Now your security system can make a statement and blend seamlessly with your library’s decor. With best in class detection performance and a choice of over 30 material and color combinations, your Detection System will help you reduce collection loss without compromising style. Model options include; Model 3900 Select Series, Model 3800 Series, Model 3500 Series and Model 500.

Radio frequency detection systems are also available. Your McMurray Stern Design Consultant can assist you in specifying the appropriate detection system for your application.

Product Highlights
  • Single or multiple corridors
  • Safe for magnetic media
  • Buried cable or surface mount
  • Wide selection of colors and finishes


McMurray Stern can help you create a more human library by freeing you from the routine task of checking materials in and out and allowing you to spend more time with customers, providing the level of service they’ve come to expect.



3M Library Security Systems offers a full-range of checkout solutions that deliver self-service that’s easier, faster and more versatile. Systems so intuitive your customers will be using them in no time. And all of our self-checkout systems now have a self-pay fines and fees option.



3M Library Security Systems provides a wide variety of check-in solutions to help enhance the productivity of your library from the complete self-service check-in and sorting capabilities of the SelfCheck System S-Series to the real-time check-in capabilities of the SelfCheck System C-Series.

Product Highlights
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface
  • Processes books, magazines, and media
  • Web based remote monitoring
  • Variety of finishes available


Used by more libraries than all other security strips combined, 3M – Tattle-Tape Security Strips & Applicators Security Strips offer discreet protection for your entire library collection, including magnetic media. Our strips will help you protect your library’s high value collections and are guaranteed for the life of the items they protect.

For the lifetime of your materials—that’s how long we guarantee that Tattle-Tape security strips and RFID tags will be free from defects in materials and manufacture.

In the unlikely event a 3M security strip or RFID tag is found to be defective, we’ll replace it free provided that you’ve applied the strips or tags within two years from the date of manufacture.

It’s that simple. Your books and digital media are protected for as long as they last.


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