Bicycle Merchandising Rack

Introducing the Bicycle Merchandising Rack, McMurray Stern’s answer to the perfect bike display and storage solution.


Our Bicycle Merchandising display racks provide unparalleled visibility and are the premiere bicycle display racks for retail in North America. The increased visibility and accessibility of our bicycle merchandising system aligns closely with natural purchasing patterns demonstrated by buyers resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

The Bicycle Merchandising System was carefully designed to balance storage, display, accessibility, and visibility requirements in retail environments to create the ideal commercial bicycle rack for displaying large bicycle inventories with a limited footprint. Modular design allows for up to 10 bicycles in every 5’ 11”   |   1499mm section providing secure, visible, and most importantly accessible overhead storage.

Product Highlights
  • Space Saving: the perfect solution for maximizing valuable floor space
  • Reliable For Daily Use: low maintenance requirements
  • Easy Operation: can be operated by a single individual
  • Improved Safety: eliminate need for ladders or stairs to retrieve bicycles
  • Increase Visibility and Accessibility

Are bicycles and toy cars taking up floor space? 

Our bicycle merchandising and display rack is the solution to manage inventory in retail space. Additionally, it can be used to store bikes and accessories in evidence rooms, multi-family residential units or corporate campuses.

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