Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems [ASRS] utilize unused overhead space while maximizing valuable floor space.

Traditional storage systems create fatigue and reduce productivity when users are required to bend, stoop, reach, push and pull to store and retrieve items. Automated Storage Systems minimize the user’s physical effort regardless of the user’s body size, posture or mobility.

We provide cost-effective solutions which improve an organization’s ability to handle small items and parts, tools and dies in manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, institutions and warehouse environments. By focusing on meeting today’s and tomorrow’s business needs, McMurray Stern provides “common sense” automated solutions to help exceed each industry’s benchmark for floor space utilization, productivity increases, and worker ergonomics.

Vertical Lifts


Vertical lifts by McMurray Stern are the ideal storage solution for industrial products, components and spare parts for all possible environments and industries. Many companies have chosen our lifts to help organize and improve their work-flow, thanks to its flexibility, wide range of models available, its superior design and ease of use.

VLM’s can be used stand-alone or with the available software to manage the space and utilization of units, increasing productivity further.

We also offer a wide range of options and accessories to provide increased speed, ease of use and productivity in your operation.

Product Benefits

  • Highly convenient goods-to-person principle
  • Compact design has economical and environmental advantages
  • Highest storage density for small parts, up to 90% less floor space
  • Simple user guidance with minimal training requirements for operation
  • Increased performance through automated processes and greater ergonomics
Diamond Phoenix Horizontal Carousel


Carousel picking systems are at the heart of advanced order fulfillment applications, benefiting a broad spectrum of world-class clients. Modula Diamond Phoenix carousels are the most durable in the industry, engineered for long-term reliability in even the heaviest applications and most severe duty cycles. This product also includes motor, reducer and drive sprocket functioning as a single connected drive unit for maximized efficiency, drive speed and available torque. Performances and reliability are second to none.

Product Benefits

  • Single frame size allowing multiple bin sizes
  • Dual bin configurations available, 36″ and 48″
  • Commercially available AC controllers that are highly reliable and fully featured
  • The fastest retrieval speeds in the industry
  • The highest capacity standard shelves in the industry – 150lb. with optional 80 and 225lb.
diamond horizontal carousel yellow
Warehouse Management Software


McMurray Stern offers the largest range and best supported software solutions in the industry. Using WAMAS® designs you a more efficient warehouse, from warehouse management and right through to the control system, regardless of whether a manual or highly complex automated logistics system is concerned. In addition to highly advanced processes, WAMAS® is the perfect answer to all logistics demands, providing a comprehensive portfolio of features ranging from warehouse management to transparent monitoring and control functions, as well as interfaces to the broadest range of ERP systems.

Our customers can rest assured that they will always have state-of-the art technologies and logistics at their fingertips. New functionalities are delivered in the form of regular releases thanks to the continuous development of the WAMAS® logistics software.

Product Benefits

  • Reliable in-time delivery of every order line
  • Control and optimization of multiple locations visibility on all process levels
  • Built-in performance & optimization functions
  • Easy configuration and adaption during operation
  • State-of-the-art technology

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