Toyota avoids a costly plant expansion


Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc.


San Antonio, Texas


TMMX officials needed to rethink their existing stationary pallet racking scheme and come up with a way to make 5,000 square feet of storage space do way more than ever before.


Installed the ActivRAC mobilized storage system and gained 54 percent more storage capacity in the same footprint. Now there’s also room for additional storage, even though the plant is humming at peak capacity and producing 200,000 vehicles per year as planned.

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About This Project

For Toyota officials in San Antonio, there were many advantages to consolidating pickup truck manufacturing. One disadvantage: lack of cargo space, so to speak. The problem was that their General Stores, which housed parts for production machinery, didn’t have room to spare. Facility expansion would defeat the purpose. So Toyota had to make 5,000 square feet of storage work smarter.

It did, by incorporating an ActivRAC® mobile warehouse racking system. The system created 54 percent more storage space on the same footprint. Even with the plant operating at peak capacity, storage room was available. Workers found that stored items were easy to locate, access and deliver. And Toyota officials, as you might expect, jumped for joy.

McMurray Stern

McMurray Stern