FreeStyle Law Enforcement Lockers at Skokie Police Department


Skokie Police Department


Skokie, Illinois

Project, Public Safety
equipment locker, law enforcement locker, locker storage, secure locker, uniform and gear lockers
About This Project

The FreeStyle law enforcement lockers are specifically engineered with a host of options and interchangeable features that allow users to easily customize them to their needs. At Skokie police department, each two-foot-wide locker includes:

  • A cherry-stained, heavy-duty bench made out of hardwood that doubles as a drawer. The 36-inch-deep, sliding drawer offers ample room for storage. It also gives officers a place to sit, something officers dearly missed at the old facility.
  • Double doors that open from the middle, along with adjustable, full-width shelves with an integral garment hanger so that officers can hang up their civilian clothes, uniforms, winter coats, rain coats and anything else they want to hang up.
  • Modular electrical components with duplex outlets for powering and charging electronic devices, such as flashlights, chargers, shavers, and laptops.
  • A notch on the inside of each locker door where officers can easily hang duty belts, each of which can weigh up to 20 lbs.
  • A three-hook bracket assembly on each side of the locker interior for even more areas to hang garments, or accessories. The bracket can be re-positioned in the locker as needed without tools.
McMurray Stern

McMurray Stern