Document Storage System Selected by Toronto Law Firm


Toronto Law Firm


Toronto, Ontario


The firm needed an alternative document storage system that would give the staff the capability to store all three types of files in one space, without any adjusting on the interior of the cabinets, so that all materials for one case could be located together


The new document storage system increased production from support staff due to less time spent searching for files. The KI cabinets also provide additional security, since banker boxes can be locked up behind closed doors, vs. being stacked on the floor.

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About This Project

Administrative staff members at a Toronto-based law firm had to accommodate case files storage close to their desks to help with day-to-day filing; however, they found it difficult to keep large case-files stored together in the four to six-drawer lateral filing cabinets currently being used. In some instances, one individual case file could be made up of large banker boxes, binders and file folders. Traditional lateral filing drawers provided very limited options for storing these items because the binders needed to be stacked on top of one another to fit in the drawer and the banker boxes were often stored on the floor next to the cabinets.

A custom-designed cabinet from KI® was selected as the document storage system for the administrative staff.. This cabinet has six shelves, all designed to be the height appropriate for housing files, binders and boxes equally, without any need to raise or lower the shelves. Unlike traditional cabinets, the center support frame was removed allowing staff full access to and utilization of each shelf.

Three Spacesaver mechanical-assist mobile systems were installed in the Accounting, Records and Minute Book departments to maximize storage capacity. An Eclipse Powered System® with custom dual entry wood veneer end panels now houses the firm’s legal library.

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