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Earhnhardt Lexus of Phoenix, Arizona, is part of the majorly successful Earnhardt Auto Centers. These auto centers serve their clients for vehicle sales as well as parts and service needs and are an example of our automotive parts storage solutions.

Earnhardt Lexus recently moved to a new state of the art sales and service center in Phoenix, AZ to better serve their clients.


At Earnhardt’s previous dealership in Scottsdale, the storage for automotive parts was inefficient, anding parts were stored on multiple, traditional static shelving units throughout the building, including a second upstairs mezzanine level. Available storage space for parts became difficult due to the sheer volume needed to serve clients.

Parts technicians would have to walk to several locations to search for items anytime an order was placed. The old dealership was so large that in addition to time spent searching, there was added picking time just taking the walk back and forth. Earnhardt knew they needed a centralized, more efficient tool storage solution for their new Phoenix location.

“ The lift is taking 1/3 of our inventory and putting it about 10' away from our counter.” -Doug Payne - Parts Manager, Earnhardt Lexus-Phoenix


A detailed assessment of Earnhardt’s automotive parts storage and retrieval needs was completed to identify pain points and opportunity for improving efficiency.

Ultimately, a 21.5 ft. Modula MC50D-6 Vertical Lift with 40 fully adjustable trays, each with a load capacity of 1,102 lbs. was installed in the parts distribution space.

The Vertical ASRS Lift ensures that parts technicians are able to quickly and accurately locate the required part. The alphanumeric LED message center bar and laser pointer  are integrated advanced picking aides that point directly to an item location within a tray. These picking aides allow a technician to achieve 99.9% picking accuracy.

To further save time and maximize efficiency in the automotive parts storage department, WMS software system was programmed into the VLM to seamlessly integrate with Earnhardt’s existing CDK Global dealer management system (DMS). This integration allowed parts orders to be sent directly to the VLM unit, eliminating the waste of paper print outs and drastically improving accuracy.


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Earnhardt Lexus


Phoenix, Arizona


Centralize parts to improve efficiency


21.5 ft. MC50D Vertical Lift with 40 trays, each with a load capacity of 1,102 lbs.

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