We all know that hot air rises and cool air falls so the temperature in any given facility will always tend to be warmer near the ceiling. In very large, open spaces such as a warehouses, barns and aviation hangars, the effect intensifies. It’s not uncommon for the floor-to-ceiling temperature differential in a room with a 40-foot ceiling to reach 30 degrees or more. So, how can you quickly and effectively keep your facility cool and your people happy while also lowering your energy costs? The answer is industrial strength, high-volume low-speed or HVLS fans. These HVLS ceiling fans move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed.

McMurray Stern offers some of the best industrial HVLS fans on the market.

Z Tech Fan


The Z-Tech fan is among the biggest HVLS ceiling fans in the industry, combining cutting-edge technology with a modern industrial design to provide the largest coverage — and a cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. Our Z-Tech HVLS fans are quiet and budget friendly. In fact, their low 3.15 amp power consumption makes them mega energy-saver, whether on their own or in combination with your existing HVAC system. You can even run the fan in reverse for wintertime utility savings. The Z-Tech Fan was purposely designed with a symmetrical blade to run in reverse rotation during winter months, when air destratification is needed. Downlod Z-Tech brochure now and consider adding a HVLS fan to your space today...

Advantages of Z-Tech Fans

  • Up to 10-degree evaporative cooling effect
  • Symmetrical blade design for winter heating
  • Virtually maintenance-free (20,000-hour inspection interval)
  • Low power consumption (3.15 amps)
  • Quiet operation
  • Lifetime warranty on blades, hub and mounting system
  • 15-year warranty on motor, gearbox and controller
Z Chill


The Z-Chill Fan & Diffuser System allows the customer to remain both energy efficient and cost-effective. The dual Z-Tech diffusers are specifically designed to equally distribute both filtered and conditioned air into the designed air distribution patterns of the Z-Tech fans.

Outfitting your facility with a Z-Chill HVLS fan provides you with the ability to distribute tempered air to enhance comfort, prevent heat stress and increase productivity levels. Download the Z-Chill brochure now to learn more about HVLS fans...

Advantages of Z-Chill

  • Provides tempered air and reduces relative humidity in the covered areas
  • Delivers evaporative cooling effect of air movement with cool & conditioned air
  • Eliminates condensation caused by temperature seasonal changes
  • Energy Efficient
  • Cost-effective operating expense
  • Open platform solution for HVAC & Mechanical contractors
  • Ease of installation for both existing rooftop and OEM split air-conditioning units
Taz Fan


If you have been seeking alternate cooling options to reduce your cooling bills, consider the TAZ fan. Just one Go Fan Yourself® 7-foot TAZ adjustable industrial HVLS fan can replace four large single-speed, panel-aisle fans, or up to eight 36-inch basket fans — And this HVLS fan uses only half the power. Adjustable louvers direct air where you need it most. Corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing and maintenance-free motor ensure a long life. When running on high speed, this fan covers up to 5,000 square feet and can move 80,000 CFM! Download the Taz Fan brochure to learn more about the benefits of using an HVLS fan...

Product Benefits

  • Throws air 100 ft. on both sides for total floor coverage of 200 ft. x 25 ft.
  • Covers over 200 ft. x 40 ft. and can create an air curtain effect over large doors
  • Balanced 6-ft. corrosion-resistant, 6-paddle aluminum blade
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 40%
  • Light; weighs only 374.79 lbs. fully assembled
  • Mounting options: steel post, building column or suspended from the ceiling
  • Ideal for high-rack aisles
  • 3-year warranty
Can I lower my energy costs with industrial HVLS fans?


The simple answer is: yes.

Our industrial HVLS ceiling fans blanket a massive area, moving air to create an expansive comfort zone with an evaporative cooling effect of up to 10 degrees. Not only do these HVLS fans keep your people cool, comfortable and working at their peak performance; but some options do it using half the power of the traditional fans you may already have in place. Download our Industrial Fan brochure now to find out which HVLS fan is right for you...

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