Grow More Cannabis: Maximize your yield with vertical mobile racking

We call it high density mobile storage. You’ll call it the best thing to ever happen to your yield.

How can you grow more cannabis in the space you already have? It’s simple. Grow up and out with vertical, mobile racking.

Grow more cannabis in the same space: Optimize Space. Boost Yields. Maximize Profits.


Compare your static bench or table to our vertical, mobile racking solution and learn how we can double your yield. Traditional static shelving wastes a significant amount of expensive floor space. Maximize your profits with mobile racking.

Case Study: High Yield Cannabis Grow Facility


Space is at a premium in California, one of the most expensive real estate markets in the U.S. Even warehouse space in industrial areas is expensive.

Beyond real estate costs, cannabis growers need to control the temperature and humidity throughout grow areas. The larger the facility, the greater the expense.

With these concerns in mind, the owners of this facility were determined to make every square inch count. Although it might seem appealing to pack as many plants as possible into the flowering rooms, the owners knew that wasn’t a viable option. Click below to download this case study.

Traditional benches waste precious space with static aisles.
Place each bench onto a mobile storage carriage and rail.
Eliminate all but one aisle with double tier benches that slide back and forth.

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