11 Sep Can I fix my pallet rack?

The simple answer is…YES

You can permanently fix your racking with a lifetime guarantee.

Avoid the constant nag of repairing and replacing uprights with a permanent solution. Our Damo Pro solution by Damotech is used to permanently repair and reinforce damaged front columns. The Damo Pro comes with a lifetime warranty against impact, is designed to fit on any type of racking system and can accommodate multiple levels of beams. The Damo Pro respects the original configuration of the rack while restoring its original loading capacity.

Additionally, the rest of the Pro line offers solutions to permanently repair front and rear columns as well as cantilevered racking. Check out the different rack repair units below.

Can you afford down time?

What if the temporary weld you did on your rack gave in? Besides the obvious safety hazard for anyone in or around your warehouse, you’re now looking at a considerable amount of down time, lost product, etc. So, “Can I fix my pallet rack?” The answer is: Can you afford not to?

Using our rack repair solution requires little to NO UNLOADING. Our installations are done using a proprietary lifting device: the Damo Easy Lift that can handle up to 36,000 lbs. It is designed to allow for the repair of uprights with virtually no unloading, allowing for the typical repair to be done WITHIN 45 MINUTES. The Damo Easy lift acts as a temporary support while the racking system is being worked on. That level of efficiency and speed plays a big part in increasing your productivity and is a lot less disruptive than upright replacement. Check out the video below to see exactly how the installation is done…

Can I fix my pallet rack? Yes, and permanently. Download the brochure here to learn more about the specifics of our available rack repair solutions.


Our rack repair solutions comply with the ANSI/RMI Standards MH 16.1. Our trained surveyors are able to assess the condition of your racking system through thorough inspections and give advice on the scope of the repair work needed. To learn more about the specifics of our pallet rack repair options download the brochure here…

Can I fix my pallet rack? YES! Get more info here…


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