31 Oct Benefits of the Schaefer Miniload Crane for Small-Parts Logistics

The Schaefer Miniload Crane is a load handling device designed to store and retrieve small-parts such as totes, cartons, and trays. As a mini load crane, the Schaefer Miniload Crane marries form and function as it takes up little floor space while still having full access to vertical storage making it ideal for a filled warehouse.

The Schaefer Miniload Crane is the ideal small-parts logistics solution due to its customization, optimization, safety, and reliability for any business. 

Benefits of the Crane


One of the strongest features of the Schaefer Miniload Crane is its ability to be customized. Regardless of the product, the Schaefer Miniload Crane can be tailored to handle any kind of small-parts logistics. This means if your product is of irregular shape or not stored in standard containers, the mini load crane can be customized to your specific needs.

Likewise, the behavior of the mini load crane can be customized to interact with products in the most efficient manner. For example, the crane’s acceleration and slowdown can be customized. More delicate products can use software that gently transitions between speeds, while more durable products that won’t be damaged by an extreme change in speed can be carried faster. 

These two customization features mean that the Schaefer Miniload Crane can be adapted to any individual’s warehousing strategy. Don’t settle for a less than perfect small-parts logistics solution. 


In addition to its customizable features, the Schaefer Miniload Crane is built to ensure the optimization of your warehouse. The crane’s ability to store and remove goods means that your storage volume is optimized. Time isn’t wasted by having to rearrange items in order to reach other items. 

This increases the reliability of your inventory as items can be retrieved quickly. The availability of goods is also increased because the crane is able to access goods that workers cannot. 

By extension, this increases efficiency as order processing times are reduced. The time between an order being placed to being on route to the customer is shortened.

The crane itself is also small and built to accommodate vertical storage. This means the warehouse floor can allocate more space to actual storage rather than just areas left open for machinery to navigate. 

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