25 Aug Benefits of Using Germicidal Lighting

Maintaining sanitation in private and public spaces has become paramount in today’s health climate. In order to protect the safety of customers and employees alike, businesses have started to make sanitation their top priority. Whether this is done by requiring masks, frequently scheduled cleanings, or limited human contact, everyone is trying to do their part.

Unfortunately, more-involved cleaning processes don’t come cheap. Previous budget allotments for cleaning materials aren’t enough to cover the increased scheduling or the intensity of the sanitation. Additionally, surfaces that aren’t meant to be sanitized as frequently are beginning to show wear and tear from exposure to the harsh cleaning products.

It’s clear that a new cleaning method needs to be implemented and that is where germicidal lighting comes in. Germicidal Lighting is a safe and effective alternative to harsh chemical cleaners.

What Is Germicidal Lighting?
Germicidal lighting is a method of sanitizing that utilizes ultraviolet light. When exposed to ultraviolet light, the DNA of viruses and bacteria is deactivated, preventing it from multiplying. A pathogen that is incapable of multiplying cannot cause disease.

What Are the Benefits of Germicidal Lighting?
Germicidal lighting has several benefits that make it an ideal for frequent sanitation.

No Harsh Chemicals
Unlike cleaning products, germicidal lighting doesn’t need to use harsh chemicals to sanitize. As mentioned previously, frequent sanitation with cleaners can be damaging to the object being cleaned. This can reduce the object’s life span as the chemicals damage the surface or structural integrity of the object. Whether the object being cleaned is used by the business or is the product being sold, germicidal lighting won’t compromise the quality of the object.

Additionally, sanitation isn’t always an automated process. The employees tasked with cleaning are also exposed to the harsh chemicals which can result in illness and other side effects. Utilizing germicidal lighting bypasses this without sacrificing the efficacy of the sanitation.

Longer Lifespan
Cleaning products are currently in short supply, making it imperative that the cleaning products you purchase last as long as possible. This makes it difficult to restock appropriate cleaners to keep up with sanitation demand especially as prices increase to reflect this scarcity.

Germicidal lighting doesn’t require frequent restocking. The light itself is what sanitizes, so as long as the bulb and power source are in working order, the light continues to work. When comparing germicidal lighting to traditional cleaning products, germicidal lighting is more cost effective in the current economic climate.

Portable with Size Variation
Germicidal lighting remains portable, making it ideal for sanitizing large areas or for traveling. For example office buildings or warehouse floors are excellent candidates for germicidal lighting as devices come in a variety of sizes.

Warehouse aisles can utilize a large model for broad sanitizing sweeps of shelves and flooring. Offices on the other hand, require a smaller model that can navigate between desks and hallways while still sanitizing keyboards and work materials. Other models of germicidal lighting can even be used to sanitize the inside of emergency vehicles in between calls.

Choose Germicidal Lighting Over Chemical Cleaners
Chemical cleaners are simply not sustainable in today’s health conscious society. The frequent sanitation needed to keep people safe results in cleaners running out too quickly while damaging the surfaces they are meant to be cleaning. Employees also suffer from continued exposure to these harsh chemicals, which then have to be replaced at an exorbitant price.

Germicidal lighting has the same efficacy rate as chemical cleaners without these negatives. Products and employees are safe from being exposed to damaging chemicals while still meeting sanitation requirements. Likewise, germicidal lighting doesn’t need to be constantly replaced. The lifespan of germicidal lighting is dependent on the bulb and power source, not running out of cleaner. Finally, germicidal lighting remains highly portable and is available in a number of sizes to match your sanitation needs.

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