17 Nov Automated file storage system at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

McMurray Stern Solves Storage Challenge for LASD Biological DNA Section

The Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center is home to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Biological DNA Section. It is there where the section examines for potential DNA evidence from homicide, sexual assault, property crimes, and other types of cases. Daily activities require the use of high tech equipment and skill sets; however, criminalists and technicians must also have unhindered access to case files. Files measure 12 inches in thickness at times and are routinely passed among the various entities at the lab, as they are referenced for important cases.

The Challenge

Recently, the section started to run out of file space in their file storage room, which is especially problematic for their line of work. This file storage room was originally a vehicle examination bay for the examination of vehicles involved in crimes. File cabinets were placed along the walls of the room. The section currently retains all of their case files—even if the perpetrator is deceased. The policy exists due to the potential for a case to be reopened or attached to another currently opened investigation. Because of this, the section stores files dating back to the 1960s. Finding the proper storage for all of these files became a burden and a challenge.

To help with their file storage issue, the department purchased more and more file cabinets, but realized that eventually the cabinets would take up the entire floor space… Click here to read the rest of this story

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