Active Shooter Whiteboard Barrier

In 2018 there were 27 active shooter events in the United States. 

The Mobile Guard® ballistic systems are an immediate shelter solution in case of an active shooter. Intended for use in classrooms, businesses, airports, meeting spaces, government agencies, cafeterias, checkpoints, reception areas and anywhere people are gathered. The Mobile Guard® active shooter ballistic white board makes the best use of a practical tool already in the classroom or workplace.

Ballistic Door Barrier


Barricade a doorway in less than 20 seconds to provide ballistic security during an active shooter incident. During a lockdown the Ballistic Door Barrier blocks line of sight into a room and deters shooters. In testing, the barrier stopped bullets up to 7.62 lead core rifle ammunition. 

The door barrier has handles on each side and sits on heavy-duty 5″ casters allowing the unit to freely roll around the room as needed during lessons or meetings.

CAPABILITY: Resistant to ammunition ranging from .22 caliber to 7.62mm

SIZE: 85″ tall and 43″ wide

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Whiteboard Panel System


Create a high level security wall in any room or gathering space during an active shooter incident. Designed to meet NIJ Level III criteria to stop bullets up to 7.72mm, with ballistic protection down to 0.6″ from the floor.

This dual use whiteboard or cork board is wrapped in 14 gauge steel and rolls on lockable, heavy-duty 5″  casters.

WHITEBOARD: Non-glaring, matte, double-sided, magnetic, never stains

WIDTH : Combine multiple panels to meet the needs of your space

HEIGHT: 54″ & 78″ heights.

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DOOR BARRIER: Doorway barrier

WHITEBOARD+CORK BOARD: Custom 3 panel barrier system

WHITEBOARD: 2 panel marker boards

Active shooter whiteboard barrier systems

Active shooter whiteboard barrier system

A dual use system created from a tool you use each day in the classroom or workplace. Our ballistic whiteboard systems seamlessly integrate into your space and deploy in seconds.

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