25 Jan 10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW WE COULD STORE: Got Mastodon bones?

When you think about storage systems, is the first thing that comes to mind office storage? Stacks of papers, human resource files, pens and pencils are stored in systems that save your office space and create a more productive work environment. But not everyone works in an office. What about the other work environments? McMurray Stern’s Spacesaver systems can be customized  to fit even the most unique materials and to fit any space constraint.

Here’s the list of ten things you probably didn’t know we could store.

  1. Mastadon and Mammoth BonesWestern Science Center – Spacesaver High-Density Mobile storage systems
  2. Night Vision GogglesCamp Lejeune Marine Base – Spacesaver High-Density Mobile storage systems
  3. Your Favorite Movies: Pacific Title Archives for the film industry – Spacesaver Mechanical Assist storage systems
  4. Football Apparel and Equipment: Iowa State University – Spacesaver Mobile and 4-post shelving
  5. Volleyballs, Basketballs, Soccer Balls and More: St. Mary’s Academy Bay View – Wheelhouse Mobile Storage
  6. Evidence and lots of it: Houston Police Department – ActivRAC® 16P mobile storage system
  7. Fine Art: Sam and Alfreda Maloof Residence – Spacesaver High-Density storage systems
  8. 6,000lb Torpedoes: Naval Undersea Museum in Seattle – ActivRAC® 16P
  9. BEER: Midwestern Beer Distributor – ActivRAC® Mobile cooler racking storage
  10. Medicine: Peterborough Regional Health Centre’s Pharmacy – FrameWRX storage system
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